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Truck drivers are required to carry commercial auto insurance while operating for-hire trucking operations.

This section will help you better understand Trucking Liability insurance and why it is so important to obtain for your trucking operations, whether conducting local or long haul operations. 

Trucking Liability Provides Critical Protection In An Accident

Your truck drivers might be the best on the road – but they still have to contend with other drivers.

An accident could lead to another person getting seriously injured, or your semi truck getting totaled.


Your trucking company could end up paying thousands of dollars, especially if another person is injured. 


How does Trucking Liability Insurance protect you?

Trucking Liability & trailer coverage helps pay for the cost of lawsuits, property damage, medical bills, and other expenses arising from an accident while hauling loads. It also covers vehicle theft, along with repairs from vandalism and weather events.

Your policy can be customized to match your specific business type/operations. 


For example, a truck that operates within state lines may need less coverage than a freight/semi-truck with an extensive interstate route traveling nationwide.

Who Needs Trucking Liability Insurance?


Company-owned vehicles such as semi trucks and delivery trucks must be covered by Trucking Liability Insurance.

You may need Trucking Liability Insurance if you:

  • Operate a commercial truck or company vehicle

  • Offer trucking and freight services for-hire

  • Transport or deliver goods

State regulations determine how much coverage you need.

Your commercial auto insurance must meet your state’s liability insurance requirements.

What coverage can Trucking Liability provide for trucking businesses?


You can tailor your commercial auto insurance policy to match the needs of your commercial trucking business.


Your policy may cover:

Legal expenses


If your small trucking business is sued over an accident, legal defense fees can add up quickly.

You could also end up having to pay a settlement or court-ordered judgment without the proper insurance policy in place.

Medical expenses


If an accident injures your truck driver or any passengers, your policy can cover the cost of medical care.



Collision coverage pays for damage to your freight truck or other company vehicle, regardless of who is at fault.

Uninsured motorists


This coverage pays for damage caused by drivers who don’t have insurance.

Non-collision damages


Comprehensive insurance covers non-collision damages, including vandalism, theft, and fire.

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