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Massage Therapy

Protects from allegations of sexual abuse. Commonly purchased by youth services, massage therapy operations, medical services, chiropractic or generally any profession where direct physical contact is required.

What Is Abuse & Molestation Coverage?



As companies and organizations are being required to carry sexual misconduct and molestation insurance, insurers are specifically excluding these exposures.  And at a time when many insurers are excluding these exposures, CCIS can help you secure the perfect policy to safeguard your business. 


Sexual Misconduct and Molestation Insurance gives organizations protection against sexual misconduct and molestation claims.

Industries Most Applicable to Abuse & Molestation Coverage

  • Tutoring companies

  • Bus transportation

  • Construction workers on school/university campuses

  • Janitors working on school campuses

  • Engineering companies

  • Cafeteria food service vendors

  • Auto repair and tow truck companies

  • Day Care operations

  • Education Facilities

  • Airport Transportation

  • Retail Stores

  • IT Consultants

  • Financial Advisors 

  • Manufacturing 

  • Massage Services

  • Medical Industry

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