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THE                  DIFFERENCE

Fast Certificates

of Liability

Certificates of Liability are the "Skeleton Key" of transacting with other businesses/clients. Timing can be everything and in some cases, delayed certificates can cost you the job! CCIS specializes in fast certificates to keep your operations moving forward consistently. 

Knowledgable Staff

Our staff focuses ONLY on Business insurance. Our mission? To provide you with the most up-to-date products & information pertaining to your specific industry. Speak with a CCIS agent today & review products available to your business!


Customer Service

Our Licensed Agents & Customer Service Representatives are always available via Phone, Email and even SMS Text Message if you prefer! 

Feel free to contact us when you have questions about coverage or changes. We're here to help! 

Agent's Edge

We are NOT a captive agent. Meaning we are able provide you with quotes from numerous carrier partners that focus on covering your specific industry. With more than 150+ carrier markets, you can rest assured you're exploring all options available to your business. 



In most cases, our markets allow for fast, same-day turnaround on quotes! Things are often needed quicker than expected. We understand value of efficiency & work hard to provide our customers with a process to get them exactly what they need quickly.

Paperless Transactions

All insurance paperwork is at your fingertips! By simply logging in to your account, you are able to immediately access your entire portfolio, organize documents, request certificates, endorsements & Much More!

Agent's Edge

Speak to a Licensed Agent Today!

We are ready to:

1) Help you evaluate your business

2) Identify the perfect insurance coverage for your operations 

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