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Commercial Property Insurance helps protect your company's physical assets from many unforeseen events, such as fire, explosion, storms, theft and vandalism and other causes of loss.

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?


Commercial Property Insurance can protect your company’s physical assets from unexpected events, including fires, windstorms, theft and vandalism. Physical assets covered by Commercial Property could include the business property you own or rent, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, inventory and other items you count on to support your daily operations.

Through Business Property Insurance can also deliver a competitive advantage by helping you identify and manage property-related risks specific to your company, allowing you to remain focused on running your business.


When an unexpected loss causes disruption or even temporarily shuts down your business, your ability to recover quickly is critical. Commercial Property Insurance can provide the support and financial assistance needed to get your business back up and running after a loss to your property/physical assets. 

Who Is Commercial Property Insurance Coverage For?


Commercial Property Insurance is for all businesses, especially those that have buildings, critical equipment or inventory. Some of the most common industries that rely on Commercial Property Insurance are:


              - Commercial Real Estate 

              - Contractors

              - Financial Services

              - Garages

              - Healthcare

              - Manufacturers

              - Personal Care Services

              - Pet Care Services

              - Printers & Publishers

              - Professional Services

              - Religious & Cultural Org

              - Restaurant & Food Service

              - Retail

              - Service Businesses

              - Technology Services

              - Wholesalers & Distributors

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