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Builder's Risk Insurance

Builder's Risk Insurance covers buildings & structures under construction/renovation. This coverage is also meant to insure the materials & equipment associated with the jobsite.

Protection for property/materials on the job site, debris removal costs & costs of fixing faulty/defective workmanship.

Typically, the full property value and cost of construction site equipment can sometimes be difficult to recover at the time of a loss which is why Builder's Risk Insurance is so important.

New Houses

WHO is Builder's Risk Insurance for?

Builder's Risk Insurance applies to entities involved in the Construction of a property including contractors and owners of the property whether performing Commercial or Residential Construction.

Entities that typically purchase Builder's Risk Insurance:


  • Homeowners / property owners

  • Builders

  • Contractors

  • House Flippers

  • Retail Businesses

WHAT does Builder's Risk Insurance protect against?

Builder’s risk insurance policies helps protect construction projects from various forms of property damage. and helps insures against the loss or damage of business materials/equipment associated with a construction site, like:

  • Materials

  • Supplies

  • Equipment on site, in transit or at other locations

WHERE does Builder's Risk Insurance cover me?

Builder's Risk Insurance typically insures the designated location in which the construction is actively taking place.

WHEN should I carry Builder's Risk Insurance?

Builder's Risk Insurance is purchased prior to the start-date of any construction project. It is typically rated based on the value of the construction project, the value of the property, the length of time underconstruction and several other factors and will usually have a projected start-date as well as a projected end-date of completion.


Many times, Builder's Risk Insurance policies will be required via written contract by either a financial institution with insurable interest or any other party with insurable interest in the construction site. 

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